Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Blue Jays Closet - St. Patrick's Edition

First, a few thoughts. Blue Jays fans are caught up in our annual dance of being excited, while trying not to be too excited. Everybody knows Spring Training doesn't mean anything, and Grapefruit League opponents might as well be high school teams (I believe the Jays played against Canada's Under-18 team at one point)... but still. When you're 13-4, it's hard not to get a bit excited.

Of course, we still don't know anything about the rotation, or our left field dilemma, it's nice to see the Jays winning.

Today.... from the Blue Jays Closet. As mentioned in the last post, we made a trip to Dunedin last March and caught some pre-season action. While poking around in the stadium shop, I bought the aforementioned hat, and one other item. Considering it was March, and St. Patrick's Day was approaching, they Jays were apparently selling off the extra green jerseys they had ordered/created/acquired. There were only about 15 on the rack for sale, in kelly green spring training nylon mesh, and in numbers ranging from the barely acceptable 28 (Al Leiter, Shawn Marcum) to the outrageous  64 ,78, and 82. I think there is an unwritten rule that if your uniform number is higher than 50, you have a 0.1% chance of making the team out of Spring Training.

Anyway, I snatched up St. Patrick's Day jersey #28, and although we were back in Toronto by then, I made sure to wear it on the 17th, while I consumed my Guinnesses... Guinneesees.... pints. I love this jersey because it's unique, and because it's got a good story behind it. I also love that almost nobody else has one!

And considering Colby Rasmus is wearing 28 this year, I'll hopefully be able to rock that number proudly.

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